Top 6 Affordable Colleges That Offer Counseling Degrees Online

Top 6 Affordable Colleges That Offer Counseling Degrees Online

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Universities that provide cheap online counseling degrees are fast becoming popular possibilities for busy professionals seeking to expand consciousness or change careers, and they’re also gaining traction with all recent high school graduates that are interested in finding flexible and more affordable alternatives. The good thing for students is that you will find lots of options in regards to getting an inexpensive online counseling degree by an extremely ranked institution. We prepared this standing with only such students in your mind.

6 Affordable Colleges That Offer Counseling Degrees Online

Below will be the top 6 programs for getting a cheap online bachelor in counseling. Each one of these programs offers you an inexpensive online counseling degree, which helps students get ready for a career in counseling.

1. Bellevue University: Online Behavioral Science Degree – Bachelor of Science

Bellevue University is a well-respected accredited distance education institution and its own licensed online counseling degree. The bachelor of mathematics degree in behavioral science combines the areas of psychology, sociology, and counseling to supply an excellent and more profound comprehension of human behavior and diversity. Bellevue’s bachelor’s degree program also enables students to continue their studies at Bellevue from the master’s in clinical counseling program.

Tuition: $6,300

2. Columbia College (Columbia, MO): Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Missouri’s Columbia College created in 1851. Now, the college expanded its offerings to include an online campus. The online campus provides a bachelor of arts in psychology curriculum created to prepare students for advanced study in the fields of education, clinical, or civic neuroscience. Columbia College’s mentor’s program targets applied psychology and enable students to work from the public or private industry upon graduation.

Tuition: $6,739

3. Charter Oak State College: Online BA or BS Generally Studies Concentration – Applied Behavioral Science – Sociology Focus or Psychology Focus

Charter Oak State College founded in 1973 at Connecticut. The college delivers a concentration on behavioral science having a sociology focus. These permits students to take classes in social research, sociological theory, counseling, rehabilitation services, and social work. This well-rounded region of study introduces students to notions of applied behavioral science, psychology, and sociology and intervention companies and science.

Tuition: $7,728 (out of condition )

4. Baker College of Flint: Online Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Baker College of Flint supplies a large number of programs of analysis, including a bachelor of human services degree. This degree provides both general education classes and opportunities for technical training and studies. Those who complete the bachelor of science in human services program could be capable of act as case managers, social service workers, or managers in a residential setting. This inexpensive online bachelor’s in counseling makes it possible for students to find a high-quality education in human services at a reasonable price.

Tuition: $7,740

5. Colorado State University-Global Campus: Bachelor of Science in Human Services Online

Colorado State University’s International Campus is an accredited distance education application that provides an internet bachelor of mathematics degree in human services. Individual services are a broad industry, allowing the student to pick from several in-demand specializations, such as criminal forensics, crisis administration, finance, information technology, general management, tactical communication, non-profit direction, and promotion.

Tuition: $8,400

6. Northern Arizona University: Online-Bachelor of Psychological Science

Northern Arizona University provides both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science in psychology. Both programs are strict and comprise, at the very least, 120 credit hours. Nevertheless, the bachelor of arts degree additionally requires competence in a modern language other than English. NAU presents several research chances so as allowing students to gain valuable research experience while at the same time, enabling students to produce networking connections.

Tuition: $9,272

For active professionals seeking a licensed online bachelor’s in counseling degree, there are many options out there. A degree is an investment in time and money. This listing of 6 most cheap online counseling degrees can help you in earning the overwhelming choice of where to attend college.