The Best Online Music Colleges for Bachelor Degree

The Best Online Music Colleges for Bachelor Degree

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Music lovers are now able to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in music. The online degree is excellent for people who are enthusiastic about music and wish to show, produce, or play music. Advances in recording and sound technology create chasing a music degree more interesting than ever before.

Because many jobs within the music industry count on varying arts financing, career growth to your field all together isn’t easy to find out. Nevertheless, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that many music projects, such as choreographer, will rise to 24 percent because of growing prevalence in dance schools. Keep on reading to learn more regarding what you could do using a bachelor’s degree in music.

Five Best Online Music Colleges

All these will be the best five colleges that offer online bachelor’s degrees in music. We selected dependent on the characteristic of range and program of classes provided, in addition to school awards, ranks, as well as standing.

1. Washington State University

Students attending Washington State University can generate an online bachelor’s degree in humanities with a concentration of music. This online undergraduate course is interdisciplinary, helping students master the essential communicating, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills for any career path they decide to pursue. WSU gives students two analysis options: Plan A or Plan B. Plan A allows undergraduates to select music along with the other immersion to concentrate on, while Plan B enables them to choose 3 concentrations.

2. University of Michigan-Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint offers students the possibility to generate an online Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration of music. This online program is ideal for students who have an associate degree and also would love to find a bachelor’s degree. Students can move at the very least 16 credits in their general education requirements; however, at the least 45 credits must be obtained at UM-Flint. The undergraduate degree needs at least 124 credits, together with 15 of these in music. Students must choose another subject and complete 15 credits in this particular subject.

3. Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, provides an online bachelor of professional studies program which allows students select from several possibilities, including music production, music industry, interdisciplinary audio study, music essay, and much more. These certificate programs are intended to help students enhance their musical abilities and also flawless their talents so that they can input careers within the audio market. Those registered in the online mentor’s program is going to have use of precisely the very same school who teach to the Berklee campus and also the Berklee network of music industry leaders, leaders, and actors. For online students, full-time and part-time study options are readily available. The school does not have any GPA, class-ranking, or even test-score requirements.

4. The University of Maine in Augusta

The popular and contemporary music program at the University of Maine in Augusta offers students an online bachelor’s degree in music, so let them concentrate on sonic arts, makeup, music, performance, and much more. Undergraduate students may also select a concentration in music instruction should they’d love to get right into teaching since the education concentration suits Maine State Teacher Certification requirements. For individuals interested in signing up to the undergraduate curriculum, an audition is necessary involving performing two individual pieces that reveal the student’s abilities. Students may either capture themselves attend an on-site audition. The online program takes a long time to finish.

5. Judson College

Located in Marion, AL, Judson College provides an online Bachelor of Arts in Music that constituted of 47 to 51 credit hours, even with a mixture of liberal and music arts education. Some elements of this undergraduate coursework comprise music theory, and ear training, music history, and sort and investigation. Entry into the bachelor’s program will require an audition. Students will email a listing of this singing or playing an instrument for the university. Additionally, they will need to take a music comprehension positioning exam and also a music theory exam before they can register in classes.