Some of the Most Popular NAEYC-Accredited Online Colleges

Some of the Most Popular NAEYC-Accredited Online Colleges

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An accreditation certificate is a proof that a program is devoted to research-based aims such as development and growth in physical, social, emotional, speech, and motor abilities. An accredited center is staffed with licensed, professional adults and is a partner with parents to guide children through their very first years.

There are no other accreditations or criteria which transcend NAEYC; actually, NAEYC standards tend to be more strict than New York State. Their standards will be research established, approved, referenced, and executed by leading professionals at the education/early youth areas. A premium quality early education experience in a child’s most recent years is an established index for after school achievement. A NAEYC accredited program is nationally agreed upon as a youngster’s most useful experience in education and care.

NAEYC Accredited Online Colleges

Degree programs in the following associations have made NAEYC Accreditation of Early Childhood Degree Programs. Keep on reading if you’re enthusiastic about taking an online degree in NAEYC accredited online colleges.

1. Post University

This university provides an online Bachelor of Science in Child Studies Degree application, which is made up of 120 credit hours of study into classes such as Educational Psychology, Emergent Literacy, and Creative Activities. Students who pursue this online degree program can transfer up to 90 credit hours in an accredited college or university. Post University got their accreditation by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools.

2. Casper College

The program in early childhood education is intended to accommodate students for management and teaching positions in child care centers, preschools, child development centers, and at different places handling the maintenance of small kids. The suggested program for an associate of art and science degrees add a larger number of overall education classes and are for students that are very likely to get into baccalaureate programs in the fields of elementary education, early childhood education or child development. The suggested program for the associate of applied science degree additionally comprises many classes which might be implemented to student apps but is primarily intended for students that aren’t planning to follow a bachelor’s degree.

3. Weber State University

WSU’s Early Childhood program educates students about fundamentals, concepts, and developmentally appropriate methods for a livelihood teaching young kids. Graduates continue to a broad array of careers in child care accreditation, social networking, and much more. The assignment of this EC and ECE Apps in Weber State University is to supply an extensive program that permits applicants to seek out employment while in the area of Early Childhood Education, dealing together with kids and their families from diverse backgrounds throughout knowledge advantage, skill growth, and implemented training.

4. San Antonio College

Early Childhood Studies software prepares students to early youth, early education, and care livelihood. Students will learn how to own excellence in all factors of their early childhood classroom, the way to remain current in early childhood education research and also start to become advocates for children at your house, in the job, in the area, and in the country degree. Students will research their knowledge of:

  • Encouraging child learning and development from birth through age
  • Construction family and community associations
  • Celebrating, recording, and assessing to support young children and households
  • Using developmentally successful strategies with young kids
  • Utilizing content understanding to develop purposeful early childhood curriculum
  • Being an expert in the field of early youth

5. Cdegreeand State University

CSU’s Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Early Childhood Education is a two-year-degree program which guides students who intend to utilize kids ages birth to third grade, in or outside of their classroom and their own families. This degree articulates with area schools and colleges for students who want to seek out a bachelor’s degree or more. Early Childhood Education Program encourages the professional development of the student through a thorough curriculum that provides the student with the theoretical and practical experiences regarding small kids and families. The university got their accreditation by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).