Have A Look at Some of The Best Online Colleges that Accept CLEP Credits

Have A Look at Some of The Best Online Colleges that Accept CLEP Credits

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Online colleges are an excellent way that let you finish your degree on a flexible program, or apply to earn online degrees after you finish from high school. By choosing online colleges over conventional colleges and universities, you may keep your day job, get online college degrees in your own pace, and work your way into a much prosperous and fulfilling livelihood. Plus, online colleges are usually cheaper all around as you never need to pay for premium for out-of-state tuition, dorms or cots for commuting.

What’s CLEP?

CLEP tests are provided by the College Board (the same company that features AP and SATs) and cost only $80 to carry. They permit one to demonstrate control of interest and cut to a couple of years away from the amount of one’s degree system. A passing score on the CLEP exam yields a couple of credits which may be transferred to 2,900 universities and colleges.

Online Colleges that Accept CLEP Credits

Among the perfect way to fast track online college degrees and also maintain tuition costs to the absolute minimum will be to enroll and choose College Degree Examination Program (CLEP) tests which will earn you credits toward degrees online. CLEP tests basically provide students of all ages the chance to try out of required classes to their degrees on line. Thus, If you’ve chosen AP mathematics or English classes in high school, heard lessons work through individual research, or have obtained professional development classes like courses required for the Internet schools you’ve applied to, then you can take CLEP examinations to bring in those credits readily.

CLEP tests are now very popular than before, and currently accepted in more than 2,900 colleges over the USA. If you desire to cut your college expenses, but you still desire to receive your undergrad out of a renowned university, then this list may aid you. Below are 5 Large schools that take CLEP school credit:

1. University of Central Florida

This university is among the most excellent colleges in the united states plus they’re extremely CLEP friendly. UCF awards college credit for 34 different CLEP exams. In UCF, one college credit may cost you $212. A CLEP exam that is worth only three college credits is only going to cost you $29 per credit hour. A 6-credit exam can cost $14. You do the math.

2. Purdue University

Purdue is also one of the universities that are CLEP friendly. By way of instance, they could give you eight college credits just for passing from the Biology CLEP assessment. And by getting those eight college credits through CLEP, your cost-per-credit hour drops to approximately $12.

3. University of Kentucky

People who live in Kentucky can cover $364 per credit to attend this university. However, Kentucky awards college credit for 21 distinct CLEP exams, that may help save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition prices.

4. Texas AM University

In Texas, Aggie pride runs deep, so will the amount of entry. One faculty credit to get a Texas resident could cost $339. However, pass the Chemistry CLEP, as an instance, and AM will give you eight college credits, that may just cost you $14 per credit hour.

5. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona awards a generous total of college credit for students who pass on CLEP exams. At an amazing $1,087 per charge for incoming freshman, you can save $6K by simply taking only one 6-credit CLEP exam.